With a background in Business and Psychology, Andrew oversees the day to day running of the firm while developing and implementing bespoke financial arrangements ensuring client success, financial stability and business autonomy.



Born and raised in Kent, UK  Andrew enjoys the opportunity to use his wealth management skills to help people achieve their ambitions and attain their professional objectives. Among his own ambitions is to build a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in support of others.



In his personal life, Andrew always manages to find time for sport and exercise. Having played football to a high standard in his youth, he continues to enjoy playing the game and has also taken up boxing as a disciplined and strategic way to keep fit. With a love of travel and time spent relaxing in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, Andrew has set out to develop and, with perseverance, perfect his Spanish communication skills.



What is your role?

To educate others and inspire people to action.


What made you want to start a company like J.H. Flemmings?

A desire to better the services and proposition available to those that have great ideas and wonderful stories but lack the foundation, the expertise or the network to turn that great idea into a reality or complete their story.


What makes J.H. Flemmings special?

The people, their commitment to personal excellence, loyalty, trust and naivety....which at face value has negative connotations but the naivety of our people is what ensures that a problem becomes an opportunity to analyse, make improvements and progress.

This, in turn, provides our community with an experience that is not bound by constraints of ‘the norm’.


We don’t learn how to reach our full potential through the successes we have, we surpass expectations and achieve by learning from our past (and future) failures.

What has influenced you most in your career? How?

The failures.  We don’t learn how to reach our full potential through the successes we have, we surpass expectations and achieve by learning from our past (and future) failures. These perceived negative experiences represent opportunities to improve. Fail quick...learn fast....make improvements...continue on the journey.



Who would you change places with for a day?

My business partner. I do not have children whilst my business partner has a beautiful daughter and son. For a day....I would want to understand first hand how he, along with his amazing wife, maintain their perspective on life with only

2 hours of rest.



What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Awareness of my responsibilities. I am part of something which is bigger than any one person or any one function, where the allocation of our time is one of the most valuable investments we make into our community.  This is fundamental in ensuring added value to our members..... and I cannot add value whilst asleep (unfortunately).

Royden Greaves

Co-Founder / Strategist

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Andrew Holder

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